Different between Rachel(Pi), Ka-lite and Kolibri

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What are different between Rachel(Pi), Ka-lite and Kolibri?

When should I use RachelPi or Ka-lite or Kolibri?

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Hi Salai,

KA-Lite is a module that runs on RACHEL Pi. It is an educational module that is specifically useful for teaching math and science.

Kolibri is an education module as well. We are hoping that it will soon be available on the new RACHEL Plus. I do not know if RACHEL Pi will have sufficient resources to run Kolibri. I’ve been advised that Kolibri will probably not run on the current version of RACHEL Plus, which is why I question if it will run on RACHEL Pi.

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Do we have alternative to downlaod RachelPi Image. With FTP is very slow from my home even I have very fast fiber internet connection.


Dear Larry and Salai,

Many thanks for your interest in Kolibri! My name is Laura and I’m on the Learning Equality implementations team, and also manage our Community Forum: community.learningequality.org.

Kolibri is Learning Equality’s second generation platform. Kolibri expands on everything Learning Equality could offer with our first generation platform, KA Lite, but the central tenants of KA Lite will remain the same: Kolibri is lightweight, can be run on a local server, and all (or a subset) of content can be loaded onto the server. Kolibri has feature parity with KA Lite, and Khan Academy in a variety of languages have already been included.

Kolibri is unique from KA Lite in that it also has:

  • A library of educational resources from a variety of content providers
  • Tools to support curation of content so that it can be aligned to fit individual needs or local curriculum (with the ability to add in your own resources as well as develop exercises) using our tool Kolibri Studio
  • Additional support to educators for differentiated and personalized learning. This is through both features in the platform (such as the ability to assign exams and lessons to a whole class or sub-set) and with our Kolibri EdTech Toolkit, a collection of resources for guiding users in successful implementation.

Check out our website (http://learningequality.org/kolibri) to learn more, as well as our blog (blog.learningequality.org) to see a list of the latest Kolibri features in new releases.

Kolibri and KA Lite vs RachelPi:

RachelPi (and other RACHEL devices) come with KA Lite pre-installed along with a host of other educational resources for offline use.

We’re currently discussing with the World Possible team the best time to include Kolibri on the RACHEL Plus, so stay tuned. Given that Kolibri runs well on a Raspberry Pi, it should also run on RACHEL Pi but this is something that we’re also testing at the moment.


I have a set of notes that may help install kolibri on Raspbian that works for me. It is the PC version of Raspbian which works well on older laptops and PCs.
This forum will not let me upload it but you can find it at giakonda.org.uk/technical

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I’ve updates the notes on my laptop I’ll put then on the site within a day or so :slight_smile: