"Digital Learning Center" in Randfontein (near Joburg)

Hello all. Bob Rollins here, Ed Tech Specialist with the Brooklyn-based NGO USACF (U.S.-Africa Children’s Fellowship). We launched the Bridge Project in 2016 in Zim and SA.

Our first pilot in SA is at a primary school in Randfontein, Gauteng (less than an hour from central Joburg).

In 2017 we deployed a RACHEL-plus and a set of tablets in the school’s library. This was very successful and the teachers and headmaster were eager for additional Learning Hubs. In October, 2018 we deployed a second RACHEL-plus which now travels to different classrooms.

We are working on plans for a Rollout Phase in 2019. We envision a 5 schools cluster in Joburg, and then three additional 5 school clusters, likely in Eastern Cape.

A special interest is to start a parallel program where local youth assemble Pi-based servers for wide-scale deployment.

I welcome any questions or comments regarding deploying RACHEL resources and devices.


The Bridge Project has set its first SA “Build Day” on 16 October, 2019 at Matlapaneng Primary School in Randfontein. We have sourced components for 8 “Bridge Pi” digital libraries - solar powered, portable, Raspberry Pi based servers. A “Tech Club” of 7th and 8th grade learners will be leading as the participants assemble the Bridge Pi’s. We hope this is a stepping-stone towards more Build Days and expansion into Eastern Cape. Here is the link to the prototype we have online.


It’s great. I used your website and I’m sure students like it. I use the default home page. When I see your home page, I’ve an idea that I’ll group the related modules and change the home page layout. Thanks.

Are you using Rachel+3 ? For uploading contents, are you using upload modules (or) Wordpress upload?

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Khine Lay

Hi Khine. We have “builds” for both the Raspberry Pi Model 3 B and the Model 3 B+. Happy to make available for you - it’s a regular Wordpress site so customizing menus, etc. is easy. For the contents: some are Rachel content modules such as the Bloom books. Other content such as the math workbooks I added. First I downloaded them from SA website, then renamed the PDFs using a naming convention, then uploaded them using Wordpress media upload.

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