Downloading stats from RACHEL-Plus

Bev at Career Girls has a question:

“is there any way to download the information shown on the stats tab on the admin page?”

Unfortunately, we don’t have that feature yet. The best we can suggest right now is to copy the stats that you want, and paste them into an Excel spreadsheet. There shouldn’t be any formatting issues.

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I just wanted to give a little more info on this. If you look at the stats page I have here:

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You have to copy and paste only the table you’re interested in. So in this case I am looking at the “Days of the month” section, and I’ve selected what is highlighted in blue – started by clicking on the “01 Dec 2017” in the top left of the table, then dragged down to the “149.27 KB” in the bottom right. At that point I was able to do a “Control-C” to copy (you can also right click and choose “Copy”) and then in Excel I can paste into a new spreadsheet and get the following:

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This would have to be done for each table that you want to gather.

One thing to be aware of with the stats page, though, is that it does keep historical data for you – so you can use the dropdown date at the top of the stats page to look at activity from the past. You don’t need to store copies elsewhere if it’s just for that.

Hope this is helpful!

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