Error trying to connect to Rachel Plus using FileZilla

Hello, I am learning how to upload modules because the NGO I collaborated with received some Rachel Plus devices from a donation and we need to create some custom modules, I follow the steps presented in the videos on Jeremy Schwartz’s youtube channel. Also, I read information in the zip file Index of /zipped-modules for step 2.

My problem comes when I try to connect with Rachel in Filezilla I always get an error:
Authentication failed.
Critical Error: Failed to connect to server.

Personally I think the password is wrong because I guess a bit, in there is a pdf called CreatingaRACHELModuleInstall it reads the password for root on the RACHEL device, but I only see the default username/password admin/admin and it doesn’t work. I hope you can help me please, thank you.

Hi @JoG,

I suggest trying this tutorial that uses WinSCP instead.

If you use the ip address, make sure you are connected to the device over WIFI. If your RACHEL-Plus is connected over ethernet to a router you can use the router assigned IP address for your device instead.


Hi @jamesk, thank you so much for helping me. I follow all the steps and when I try to connect it appears Denied Access.

I sent a new login/pass options in private that might work. My guess is someone has changed the password if those don’t work.