Evaluating Options for Rachel Pilot in Timor Leste

I will be undertaking my 5th Return Trip to the Baucau Area of Timor, where we have deployed approx 50 Ubuntu Computers for use amongst Education, Health, Training Places.

I purchased 2 Rachel PIs late last year, for evaluating there deployment for my upcoming Trip, where they could easily deployed for Educational Purposes.

Hence, my Question as a Rachel Novice …

Should I be considering Rachel-Plus given Content Size, Availability and Performance …

I noticed through the blogs … there maybe a newer version coming … any details on what is new in this release…

I am thinking, I should go with 3 Rachel-Plus … 2 for Deployment, and 1 Held back for Admin/Training People, which then also acts as a BackUp

The languages in Timor are predominantly Portugese, Indonesian and Tetun …

Also, does anyone have … Standard Training Content on introducing Rachel into a Community…

Given I am thinking of buying 3 Rachel Plus for a May Trip… and maybe more for a July Trip … is there a particular way, these should be purchased for NGO Purposes … which I am happy to send thru also

Interested in any thoughts …

thank you for putting this great initiative in place



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Hi Franco!

Great to hear about your project.

We would strongly discourage using RACHEL-Pi for any actual deployment. In addition to what you mention, it does not have the same reliability you would need for an actual field deployment.

Which blog did you see about a new release? We may have new product in the middle of this year, but I don’t think it’s on any blogs yet so I want to see what you’re seeing.

It’s good to have an extra device for training and troubleshooting help of your deployment.

We do have some limited content in the languages you’re asking about, though you’ll need the RACHEL-Plus to get that content (http://oer2go.org)

When you purchase at http://store.worldpossible.org be sure to enter the promo code and your EIN at check-out.

Our Guatemala team has produced a Spanish language MOOC on deploying RACHEL which we are currently translating. I also try to keep some best practices here: Deployment Wiki (Start Here)


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Hey Jeremy

Thank Your Quick Response, and appreciate your advice … this is good

re the New Plus Reference, it was another one of these Topic Threads

you mention an EIN, what is that, I am working with thru Rotary, and the Good Crocodile Foundation for the work in Baucau, Timor Leste

and it sounds like getting 3 now is the answer, and not wait for something which will be the middle of the year



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Thanks @fucci – your Rotary chapter or the Good Crocodile Foundation will probably be able to provide you an EIN. This is an IRS designation for 501©3 organizations which allow for things like not paying income tax and discounted shipping through USPS

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So when going through the purchase process, and providing an EIN, does that reduce the cost of the Rachel Plus Unit … as this may help me, get a few more through the process …

Yes, it brings the price down to $399 per unit.

Great to hear … This is very useful