Fantasticphonics-adult and -child

I am trying to get en-fantasticphonics-adult and en-fantasticphonics-child from the world possible server.

I am using the rachel image with kolibri:

These are the only two modules which fail. But they fail to
download repeatedly.

Hello @chuckroast,

Can you hit “details” for the failed download and paste the error that shows up?

Also, there is a new image from 03/16/2020 that you should switch to if you’re using Kolibri at all as it fixes USB issues with Kolibri.


Hi @jamesk and @chuckroast – we aren’t allowed to distribute that content online any longer, it wasn’t CC-licensed and we were asked to stop distributing to anyone online or any people who purchase RACHEL-Plus through us who are not the direct nonprofit end user.

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Ah that’s unfortunate. Thanks Jeremy.

Shoot. Those were good apps. Thanks for the replies.
Probably ought to take them out of the modules drop list in
the “install” section.