Getting Spanish content

I am getting ready to purchase the RACHEL Plus. The only outstanding question I would like to have addressed at this point is to clarify that if I want the Spanish content (this is going to be deployed in Guatemala) I should select “English/Spanish Combo” from the list of choices. Is that correct?

That’s correct! Don’t forget to check back in and tell us how it goes!


I’m catching up with the forum and just saw your message. Let us know how the deployment went and if you would like some assitance from Mundo Posible (World Possible’s chapter in Guatemala). We have a training program for teachers that provides methodologies to use RACHEL in the classrooms.

Hello Romeo. Thanks for your follow-up! I have not actually deployed it yet. That will take place the first week of August 2017, at an elementary school in the department of Quiche. Do you have any training centers near Chichicastenango or Santa Cruz del Quiche?

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We don’t have training centers, we are a team of three and we go to the communities to do the trainings. Actually there is one training going on right now in EORM Indígena in Chichicastenango. We have deployed RACHEL in several schools in Quiché, most of them are in the Triángulo Ixil region. Let me know what school are you bringing RACHEL to and we could plan a visit to work with the teachers there. Are you in Guatemala? We have a Mundo Posible office in Antigua Guatemala, in Centro Cultural la Azotea, if you would like to come by and talk more about what we do.

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I am not in Guatemala. I am the president of a US-based nonprofit whose purpose is to provide health and education services to children and families in the Highlands. The elementary school we will be working with in August is a little north of Chichicastenango off Hwy 15. Are there costs associated with your trainings?

Every time we do a RACHEL deployment in a school, we train the teachers. We don’t charge the schools for the trainings, but we ask them to cover the cost of the Pi or RACHEL Plus and accessories, if needed. This shows us their level of interest and commitment to use it with their students, and sometimes we cover part of that cost too if the interest is high.

We also organize workshops to strengthen the use of RACHEL in the classroom. Normally we do it in one school and invite teachers from other schools in the area to participate. We could invite teachers from the school you are supporting when we have our next workshop/training in the area.

That sounds great! I have already purchased the RACHEL Plus, and we will be providing 25 tablets to their school as well. Can you share a direct email address for you or Mundo Posible so that I can explore this further offline?

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Sure, my email is I’d be happy to share more and learn about what you do.

I’m looking forward to any other ideas or contacts in this forum. In August, I will be taking a RACHEL plus to a remote region of Guatemala.


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