Google Expeditions offline?

Google Expeditions is a virtual reality exploration of some cool places.

Certainly not core Rachel content but would be a cool “wow” project.

“You’ll need an internet connection to install the app or download an individual expedition, but you only need a peer-to-peer Wi-Fi network to lead an expedition. There are two ways to create a peer-to-peer network if your school doesn’t have a Wi-Fi network or if peer-to-peer connections are not allowed on your school network:”

Anyone want to determine if a few locations could be added to Rachel? i.e. can the app & content be provided via Rachel? (Need Google’s permission.) It might be that the teacher’s device needs to install the app when online & connected to their Google account. Teachers may have enough internet access to do that but then get the expedition content from Rachel (?)

Of course, need to have smartphones and buy or make VR glasses from cardboard & plastic PET bottles.

For now (2016.06.27), Expeditions uses still photography. That reduces the wow-factor, but makes the file sizes manageable for Google, which deliberately runs Expeditions offline to ensure schools with spotty, or no, Internet access can participate” – I assume that “runs offline” refers to the classroom lesson because on Google’s & Best Buy pages I didn’t find anything about buying a server with content (but I didn’t spend a lot of time on it.)