Grant opportunity from Foundation for Learning Equality

Hi everyone,

In case you missed it in our newsletter – our friends at Foundation for Learning Equality, the creators of KA Lite, just informed us of a new hardware grant program where organizations can apply for up to $15,000 USD in funding for hardware to implement their new learning software, Kolibri, in offline areas. The funding could be used to purchase RACHEL as well as other devices, and we plan to have Kolibri running on RACHEL as soon as it’s ready.

The application is available here and the submission deadline is January 12.

Hi everyone, our friends at Learning Equality wanted to let you all know that the submission deadline for their hardware grant has been extended to January 19th. This is a great opportunity to try out and deploy their new software, Kolibri, which will be available on RACHEL. Kolibri will include KA Lite as well as new content and features for assigning and tracking content. We strongly recommend applying!

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Our friends at Learning Equality just announced another opportunity to apply for a $15,000 hardware grant, which you can use to purchase RACHEL and other devices to bring Kolibri to offline areas. The deadline to apply is August 6th. More information is available here:

And congratulations to our community members who received grants in the first round to use Kolibri on RACHEL!


Dear NicoleC,

Thank you so much. I’ve found the grant opportunity here and now our foundation received the grant.

Hardware Grant | Learning EqualityScreenshot (451)

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Fantastic news! Congratulations!

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