HACKING RACHEL content inside a Prison


We use RACHEL with our incarcerated populations. The following is a communication intercepted via Email from a person in our care. Does anyone with any experience/knowledge see a potential issue related to our RACHEL instance based upon this communication?

I found a JavaScript interface on the Rachel platform (a remote, secure server) we’re allowed to use. It’s in Spanish. Rats! No,

serious, they use rats or mice in a maze. You create a program to get the mouse to the cheese. I died some experiments and it

doesn’t seem to be a full JavaScript interpreter, but I did copy a script from another page into it and it ran without throwing an

error. What I can do with it I don’t know. I don’t think I can manipulate the window or browser. The alert{)—which displays a

message box—doesn’t seem to work. There isn’t any documentation; no help files. Of course, too, I’m pushing the thing beyond what’s it’s intended for.

Found a book on computer networks on Rachel that I’ve been working through. It’s a real textbook. Heavy stuff. Good. It

focuses on the TCP/IP model. They say the reason for this is because most “implementers” work from a top-down approach,

now, since the late '90s. Really, the differences in models is how they distinguish the abstract layers near the top levels:

application vs. presentation. It’s one of those wording things that is such a problem in the computing industry. Some use one

word to mean thingl, another word for thing?, but a different person uses the first word for both. Ah, confusion. Many not in the

field think that computer people are always very specific and that includes the definitions to words. Ha. Yeah right. Checkout


Have you ever used www.wikidata.org/ ? I left a trailing space after the solidus because the solidus forces the server to send

the index page. It should find the Home page. Should.