Hands on trial / seeking input from Ethiopia

I’m based in US. Is there a way for me to get hands on trail of the device. Sorry I’m new to the device / system. We’re interested in ultimately working with folks in Ethiopia.


I have been instrumental in installing about 20 RACHEL servers in Ethiopia. Some in libraries but mostly in high schools. I M a former Peace Corps volunteer of many years ago and would like to help you get started if possible. Can you tell me more about your potential project?


Hi Bill,

Thank you for your response. And good to connect with an old friend of the country. Congrats on getting 20 of these systems installed. My parents were born in the rural parts so I have special affinity to students in rural areas. In my past several visits, there wasn’t reliable electricity nor internet connectivity. Books are scarce as well, as you know. This seems to be a very efficient way to support the teachers and students. I’ve made connections with school directors and folks in the ministry. The idea would be to start funding a few projects if there is a way to understand the track record / ease of use etc. any chance we could speak live?

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Sure, let’s talk at your convenience. My number is 801-368-7771.

Getting a project started should not be a problem. Give me a call and let me know what you have in mind. I’ll see what I can do to help you get started. Where in Ethiopia are you most interested?

.We are on Mountain /time (Denver). What time zone are you in?

Bill Graff
ET Learns


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My email is billgraff@etlearns.org


Please contact me about your project in Ethiopia. Some people charge an arm a leg, so becareful. .