HDMI to Projector

User @Dana asks:

Is it possible to log in to RACHEL to have it show on a projector through an hdmi cable?

The RACHEL-Pi does have an hdmi out, and I know some people have used it that way, but I have never tried it personally so I don’t know what kinds of configuration changes might be needed. The X Window system (needed to display to HDMI) is included in our installation, but it is disabled by default to save resources.

@jeremy, @edresor – do you have any insight on this?

Note: The RACHEL-Plus is a server only and does not have any video-out capabilities.

Here is a cheap easy solution to your video out problem if you have a android phone or tablet with mirroring capacity. Purchase a ScreenBeem 2 from Best Buy for $39.99.


Plug it into one of your TV’s Hdmi ports. Download the associated app free from the play store into the phone or tablet. Follow the simple setup instructions. Log on to the Rachael server with the tablet. Everything you see on your phone or tablet screen will mirror on to tv.

I hope this helps.

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In 2014 I hooked up a projector at a nurses college in Bolgatanga Ghana to a Raspberry Pi (via HDMI) and used it to show medical videos. This was a great way to use a single Raspberry Pi and show content to a class students.