Hide/delete sections from Pre-installed modules?

Hello, we are deploying Rachel in Morocco, relying on the pre-installed modules such as Wikipedia for Schools, KA Lite etc. We would like to hide/delete specific sections and/or pages within these modules. Either the “Religion” section within Wikipedia for Schools, or taking it one step further, all non-Islam content from the Religion section. This is to comply with cultural and legal expectations in rural Morocco. We would appreciate any assistance this community can provide.

Seth H.
Atlas Cultural Foundation (Morocco)

Hello again - I forgot to mention I’m managing Rachel using my iPad Pro running the latest iOS. If FTP/SSH/etc is required to accomplish my request above, I’m hoping someone can advise on what iOS app would be best to use.

Hi @Sdhalpern - the ability to do that varies by module itself. KA-Lite (from Learning Equality) has an admin section admin / Rachel+1 where you can delete or manage individual videos.

Wikipedia for Schools I believe is a “Kiwix” module, meaning it’s one giant file that can’t be manipulated but the Kiwix team may have some ideas or alternatives for you.

If Wikipedia for Schools is “flat HTML” - the more common type of module, you can go into the module itself and delete pages.


Thank you Jeremy this is helpful. I successfully deleted the problematic sections (videos) from KA Lite. The quizzes for those sections are still showing up however. I’m not overly concerned about the quizzes but would be a “nice to have” to delete those as well if possible.

I will reach out to Kiwix re: Wikipedia for Schools

Hi @Sdhalpern,

The Kiwix team won’t have the Wikipedia for Schools file you’re using as I custom built that from our 2013 source. That source had custom edits for use in corrections as well. The Kiwix team now provide a different version from a different creator.

If you want to make edits I suggest switching from the version we provide to the static version that Jeremy mentioned which you can download from this link


This version has .html files that you can search and delete. It won’t require rebuilding into a ZIM file again like the others.


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