Home Page Error with PHP 7.4


When I upgraded from PHP 7.0 to PHP 7.4 version so I cannot access to Home Page Dashboard. I would like to ask you How can I access this page with PHP 7.4


Hi @_Sovandy_Chomraoen,

PHP should not be updated to version 7.4. The only way this is possible is if the system has been upgraded to a new Ubuntu which is not compatible with this device. I can provide you a recovery process to bring it back to factory state where it will be working again.


I have a website using PHP7.4 then I did rsync that web to Rachel device.

Hi @_Sovandy_Chomraoen,

Which folder did you rsync this website to?

By default RACHEL uses a system where websites are put into individual folders. These folders are called modules, and they go in the /.data/RACHEL/rachel/modules folder.

There is more information on creating modules at this link

There is also a longer video on youtube here

I’d be happy to help you make a module from your website as well.