How are RACHEL Servers Used in Corrections?

Thus far, RACHEL has been mainly for education programs, vocational, leisure study and free time reading.

Here are a few facility examples

  • Connect to a school network for safe content access. Instructors can focus on education content and students can focus on their studies. Internet like access without the headache of hacking out.

  • Special intake units. Access helps users to gain constructive use of time. Constructively helps to keep a positive climate within the facility intake area.

  • Vocation Education Programs. Vocational education content place course specific content directly in their content area - for example automotive repair course material, welding resource manuals - study guides. Also approved text books and that allow digital access for study.

  • Off site Access: Green House / Master Garden Application - RACHEL can be used in the field and has battery operation for around 8 hours. Instructors can use content in the field for gardening programs or other out door class application. Fire Fighting Program is an other example - especially video content.

  • College Content; RACHEL has college content that can be used by instructors, volunteer tutors, Inside Out programs - resource material for students and instructors.

  • Local Development of College Courses. Instructors have created their own college course content on RACHEL. Students accessed, articles, videos and pictures - all compiled by the instructor.

  • RACHEL Packaged College Course Content - Self Paced - There are around 10 packaged courses that allow students to access course material. Students can experiment and try an area of study without any fiscal commitment. Students can team together for studies, staff can help students in course work, and also volunteers can run studies.

  • Testing Out for College Credit - RACHEL College content and courses helps to prepare students to test out for college credit. Some states offer College-Level Examination Program® (CLEP) that allows testing out for college credit.

  • RACHEL on living units. Some facilities have access for students on their place of residency. Students check out laptops to gain access to RACHEL for school Studies and leisure reading.

  • Access to education programs for Sex Offender facilities. Management of these facilities had praise for the RACHEL content - since it offered good content without the issue of access to the internet.

  • These are just a few - please mention your use.


Can the wireless device in a Rachel Plus be disabled or physically removed. I was able to physically remove the one in the Rachel Pi because I found a board diagram online. Not so lucky with the Rachel Plus. Our prisons don’t allow wireless devices.

Hello @BJFlynn – you can disable the wireless in admin dashboard (you enter via the small admin link the RACHEL header).

You can alternatively use the system admin dashboard to password protect wifi or limit MAC IDs to admin only devices (or no devices) if you want to leave the wireless running but prevent connections.

Video here:

Thank you very much for the help.

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