How do I access Kolibri with full rights from Rachel-Plus?

Hello Friends,
I would like to make use of a donated Rachel-Plus to access Kolibri for use in my school. The problem is that the kolibri version is older and so are the other programs. See the summary below.

|OS|Ubuntu 16.04.4 LTS|
|RACHEL Installer|3.0.2|
|KA Lite|0.17.4|
|Kiwix|nightly/2018-04-27 32-bit Intel|
|Content Shell|v2.3.9|

I have also observed that there’s nothing I can do on Kolibri since the administrator’s accessibility is not available. In addition, I can not add learners and teachers and navigate through the platform completely. How do I solve this issue?


can you try using admin / Rachel+1 to login to Kolibri?

Hello Jeremy,
I can log in using the username and password, but what I am able to see are logs and admin rights in regards to Rachel+ device. What I want to is login to Kolibri as an admin and add teachers and learners so that they can access the resources from Kolibri platform.

Thanks, but can you login in to Kolibri using those same credentials?