How to backup Rachel Plus local content, Lessons and Library?

Would like to know how to backup local content I have loaded onto Rachel Plus as well as Lessons and Library I have developed. Am trying to do this on a thumb disk drive that can be left behind at the schools in case of Rachel Plus problems. Thanks.


Looking into this. I’m not sure of a great way without SSH yet.

Jeremy, can you send me a link to the detailed explanation on how to back up Rachel on SSH?

Hello Jeremy, has there been any update on this?

Hello @Alex_Kleb - I will take a look at this and let you know the steps if it’s possible.

Can you please confirm the version of Content Hub on your device. When you click the “local content” link, it should be at the bottom of the page on the right.

Are you looking to restore lessons and content from a USB stick only or are you able to use SSH to log in to the device?