How to Rename SSID

I found the answer…

Ed Garrett

Hi Ed - it’s in the device admin panel. Great you found this, just adding the answer here for anyone else looking.

Thanks, for the response, Jeremy.
I’d changed this admin password and did not write it down…I am able to get into this portal as teacher/teacher get to Device Settings to change the SSID, . But I can’t see the Device Settings dashboard.

I have reset the device a few times. But this admin password does not reset to default. I downloaded the CAP2-RACHEL-INSTALL-v2.0.0 image. Will that image make it back “to how it shipped”?

So, Jeremy, How do I reset the admin password, so this admin password is reset, too? Please advise. Thanks.

I even downloaded and restarted with the USB recovery image in the device. The SSID defaults to a portion of the device name. I can change it, as teacher/teacher but I do not get the Device settings dashboard. Help? Thanks.

Again, I found the answer, Jeremy…Your FAQ and support pages are commendable! All I had to do was keep looking.

Resetting the device does reset the Admin password…to admin/admin
Thanks, again…

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