How to submit content to oer2go

Hi there,

I would like to submit a couple of modules for inclusion into your oer2go online repository. Every post and topic I check seems to be people asking how to put their custom modules on their own devices, which I do not need help with. What I am offering here is two fully working and finalised rachel modules of very high quality educational content. Please let me know how I should go about making a submission.

Thank you.

That’s great. Thank you. Right now, we do a manual review process of the modules at our two-person office. Is the content hosted online anywhere? Otherwise, can you set up a file sharing mechanism for us to take a look?

At the very bottom right there is an admin login to From there, you’ll have access to the tools to appropriately tag content. The needed categories are here:

If you have 2 modules and expect that to be it, we would probably just do it all on our end. If you plan to regularly contribute high quality materials, we would set you up a user name to upload to our FTP directly, where we could review and publish.

Yes, I’ve just put the modules up here:!sQlnwRgI!awlSHqW-lLIVFAPY0SsDKA
If you have any trouble downloading the larger module, let me know and I’ll set up a torrent for you.

It is content from the Language Transfer project ( I have spoken to Mihalis (the creator) and he has given permission and is very exited to see his material being used in offline situations. The en-languagetransfer module is quite large because has over 76 hours of audio lessons, while the es-languagetransfer module has around 4 hours. The audio files are all mp3 at 128kbps which is probably the best audio quality versus file size balance. Users need to hear clearly the pronunciation of words that are alien to them, so audio clarity is especially important in these modules.

I think at least for the moment it will just be these two modules, so I’ll keep it simple and leave it to you.

Hopefully the modules acceptable as they are, but if you would like me to make any changes, please let me know.

Thank you.

Thanks @xalixo – going through the module now. It looks great. Thank you for compiling. I’m guessing this is obvious based on the “language transfer” header, but is there anything that just teaches English beyond the Spanish to English. I’m just thinking of the hundreds of local language speakers we have who would love to learn English. Not trying to short change this module at all, it looks fantastic and I’m thrilled to add it – purely curious. Thank you.

Hi Jeremy,

At the moment the answer is no. I understand there would be big demand for such courses and this is something the creator has mentioned he would like to focus on. For Mihalis to make a Non-English based course, he has stated he needs to do it in the following order: English base intro to target language -> English base complete to target language -> target language intro to English. This means there is a good chance “English for Swahili speakers” could be made at some point, if there was a push for it.

Right now Mihalis is also in the final stages of setting up his project for volunteers to begin creating their own courses under his guidance, so there could be many new courses on the horizon.

You are very welcome Jeremy. Happy to help. I am a big fan of both the RACHEL and Language Transfer projects and being able to help you both mutually benefit each other is great.

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