How to update modules through Internet


I have customized modules. May I know how to update those modules via Internet if users want to update from Internet.


Hi @khinelay – are you able to share the modules with us or is the content private?

Yes, I can share some modules. But I also have private modules which have permissions to use only for our project.

@khinelay – the modules you share with us, we would load on which would allow us to give it a new version number and have users update via the admin panel.

Otherwise, you’d have to have someone locally SSH into each device and rsync or download via wget or ftp the new modules from you somehow.

I am new to RACHEL. May I know if you could advise how can I upload my own content to RACHEL:

  1. remotely (RACHEL connected on internet while I am connected on internet in other country/region) without having to load my content on ?
  2. locally (via USB) ?
    Will be great if you could share the detailed steps on how the above could be done, please ?

Thank you very much.

Hello @CheeMing,

Welcome to the forums and to using RACHEL!

Which version of RACHEL is your device using?

With version 3.1.2 and higher you can use the “module upload” utility on the settings page to upload your own modules to a device while connected remotely over the internet, or locally over the wifi hotspot. I will give you instructions based on your RACHEL version.


Hello @jamesk,

Thanks for your prompt response. We are looking into purchasing the latest version. We are getting ready for the deployment in the next 2 to 3 months. Thanks in advance for the instructions.

Chee Ming

Hi @CheeMing - WIth a new device you will have the module upload utility. These are the instructions

  1. On the main page of RACHEL log click the “admin” button

  2. Log in with the default password of admin/Rachel+1

  3. Navigate to the “Settings” tab and you will se the upload utility

Here you can upload your custom module as a zip file. It will get unzipped and installed. To create a module, you can follow the instructions on this page. Once your module is finished, create a zip file that contains only the folder of the module, then upload it. There are other methods using WinSCP and other tools, but this is the easiest.


Hello @jamesk,

Thanks for sharing. If my understanding is correct, in order to do this:

  1. my laptop has to be connected to the RACHEL unit over the local internal network.
  2. I must have the custom files available in my laptop local drive

My apology if my understanding is not correct or my question is not clear.
We will be deploying the RACHEL unit in one country while we will upload the custom files from another country (not in the same country as the RACHEL unit) over internet. In this case, I will be connecting the RACHEL on internet in country A while we have our laptops connected on internet in country B from which we will upload the custom file from the laptop in country B over the internet to the RACHEL in country A. May I know if this is still possible, please ?

Thanks again.

Hello @CheeMing,

Yes it is possible if your RACHEL-Plus device is plugged into a modem or router and is made available to the internet. The IP address will be the “LAN:” address that shows in the RACHEL header.

Any device connected to the internet should be able to connect to the IP address that the RACHEL-Plus was assigned at http://IPADDRESS and log in. Once you are logged in, you can upload the zipped module, even over the internet. It’s just a normal file upload process.

How big do you expect the content uploads to be and do you expect the speeds to be slow?


Thanks James for the clarifications.
I am not sure about the size of the content yet. We are still working to develop the content.

Chee Ming

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You’re welcome @CheeMing. If you have any more questions when you’re further in development please let me know.

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