How to update my Kolibri modules

It’s 13 February. Last night I attempted to update the Kolibri modules on my Rachel Plus device. Got back “Internal Error 4” on each module.

Jeremy Schwartz wrote “Those updates have shifted to being updated WITHIN kolibri” and that I should now update directly from the Kolibri website. I am using the Chrome web browser on a MacBook Air connected to my Rachel Plus which, in turn, is connected to the internet.

Sure would appreciate a step by step tutorial on how to update the Kolibri modules.

Many thanks in advance.



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Hi Bob - I’m hoping someone from Learning Equality jumps in, this user manual should help:


Hi Bob
I have produced a short guide to installing Kolibri on a Raspbian laptop or PC but it should cover the bits you want.
Can you let me know if it’s any use please.
Kind Regards

I sent you a link, I think!

I didn’t get the link. Please resend it.

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Robert V Scavullo

I’m also working on the Kolibri in Rachel+3. I’m currently working with the existing channels and encourage users to use them.

Have you created the new channel in Kolibri & use that channel in Rachel+? Please could you share me your experience? I’m still working on how to create those Kolibri channels in Rachel.


Sorry I’ve been busy :frowning:
My docs on all things Kolibri and Pi are in
I hope they help.
Kind Regards


Thank you very much. I’m creating a channels for Kolibri in Rachel+3.