How to use rachel64gb on flash drove

Hi, I have a rachelpi_64gb_4.0 image file, which I want to use from a 64gb flash drive.
Each time I try to open the image file, it kept saying corrupted image file. I have downloaded it twice, the same thing…
How do I go about this?

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Hi Josh,

Which Raspberry Pi hardware version do you have? Also, how are you putting the image onto the USB drive? You need to flash images to a device using a program like Etcher found here.

If you want to boot from USB you will likely need to use one of the new unofficial images for now which can be found at this post as the operating system in the rachelpi_64gb_4.0 is older and didn’t have USB booting support by default.


Thanks for the response, actually I want to only use the modules contained in the image file, not like making it a bootable drive

Ah okay. You can use 7zip to extract the 1.img file inside and then browse 1.img with 7zip. Inside is /var/www/modules which you can extract.


Thanks. I will do as u have said

Hey Guys,
Where can i find RACHEL USB platform? I couldn’t find on RACHELfriends web store.

Hi @phyauko,

The only official RACHEL USB drive files are on the World Possible FTP at port 21 and anonymous login.