Html and other programming languages

Can Rachel+ accept a non HTML file? I have been struggling to program modules using Python Django but some contents are not viewable on the Rachel

@kihembo I don’t have experience with the Rachel+ but I don’t think django is installed on it.

Does Kolibri use django? I would assume it’s possible on RACHEL+, it is just outside my expertise

Kolibri does but it uses it’s own server called cherrypy to serve it separately.

It’s definitely possible on the RACHEL+ but it requires configuring the web server to either run python as cgi, which seems to severely limit the python aspect of it making it useless, or another server like cherrypy has to run the django app and then lighttpd passes along the requests. This page goes into detail about it.

I can look into it further if you’d like.

You could also try using the Django development server by installing django with the commands “sudo apt-get install python-pip3” and then “sudo pip3 install django”.

There are some instructions here. This is the easiest but they don’t suggest their server for deployments.