HTML Courses into Rachel Pi

I have ICT courses from an educational website and would like to add them to Rachel Pi.
They are in html format and zipped up by Grade.

e.g…Science for 5th Grade or Maths for 8th Grade.

how do i convert these zipped up html folders into a Rachel module?

Hi @walash,

We have some information at on modules and how to create them. We also provide a module template at

I’ll give you a basic overview of how I structure modules

  • Create a folder for your module
  • Your folder name should start with the language code, and end with the name of the module. For example, en-ICT
  • Copy the logo for your module into the en-ICT folder. The logo should be a .png file named “logo.png”
  • Copy the rachel-index.php from the template into the en-ICT folder
  • Create another folder inside en-ICT named “content”
  • Copy your entire website into the content folder
  • Edit your rachel-index.php with your information and set the appropriate links to the home page file of your website. For instance, content/index.html

When you’re finished, transfer the module to your device using WinSCP.

If you need help with this process feel free to ask or link me the zips and I can help you make it.


Thanks James. I’m able to do everything you provided but the last step of editing the rachel.php file. I have opened the file with Notepad and the only thing i understand is giving a description for the module. How do i share the files with you to help me out? just put a link to One Drive here? or you will provide me with an email address to share a link to?

Hi @walash,

You can email me directly at If the files are over 25MB you will likely have to put them on One Drive or Google Drive.