HTML to searchable module on RACHEL

Hi all,
I currently have a RACHEL-Pi, and I am trying to make a searchable module with it. I found a program called Dir2HTML, that takes a directory subsytem and turns it into a HTML page, that you can search. I would like to implement this in a module format in the Rachel Pi, any advice? Step-by-Step instructions would be greatly greatly appreciated.

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@jewglestin I, unfortunately, can’t provide you step-by-step instructions, but can tell you it’s usually done with javascript. I don’t know the technical process for how it’s done, @jfield may have some more detail but he’s a volunteer who doesn’t check in all the time.

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Thanks @jeremy I appreciate it, Do you know anyone who knows how to use h5ai? would jfield know? Or do you know any module developers who have used it, that would be willing to lend a hand?

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I did spend quite a bit of time with _h5ai and some versions still include it by default, you can check at

Ultimately, we passed on the implementation again because it was so resource intensive and didn’t add a lot of value beyond HTML replacement. We added our own content share module and called it a day. Unfortunately, it’s not something we can help pick back up, but it does work and maybe still installed on some versions.

RACHEL-Plus has a far better featured content management system included in it.

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If you can turn a directory into a HTML page, then you’re almost there. You just have to add the rachel-index.php file to your directory so that the RACHEL front page can see it. The file is here on github – but it does assume familiarity with HTML. If you are not familiar with HTML then it will not really be possible to walk you through it on the forums here.

If you are able to add the rachel-index.php, you would then upload the whole directory to /var/www/modules on the RACHEL-Pi, and it should show up. Hope that is a little helpful!

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@jfield I have a php module that contains local content. I used the source code on github as per your post. I want to upload this module to RACHEL PLUS device. I need help to do that??
My module HTML fully converted to PHP is working fine on my laptop but I cannot upload it to be viewed on the Rachel Plus device.

Your advise will be very much appreciated.


how do I upload to /var/www/modules on Rachel Plus 3.0 Device??