I am stuck in the preparing USB files for update

@Steve Please explain how to do that step. I have moved well in earlier stage, write successfully the image but I failed to understand where to get the directory from the bash


Hi Jseni,

The Shell Emulator is a command line utility which emulates the Linux bash shell. A few helpful commands may be:

ls -l (this will give you a list, timestamp, and size of file in the current directory
pwd (this will tell you what directory you are currently in)
cp filename directory-name/file-name ( the “cp” copies a given file from one location to another location)

You can type “pwd” to see what directory you are currently in. From there, you type “cd directory-name” where the “directory-name” is the location of the files you downloaded. An easier thing to do, is just copy the files to the directory you are already in, using Win Explorer. Then you can just execute the files from there.



There should be something that is not going well on my side. I used the instruction but this is what I get


Try cd G: (if G is your target directory. do not add the back-slash). Notice the prompt “$”. But on the second line you have “>”. This means the prompt was not returned because the cd command failed. Enter each command and wait for the prompt to return before proceeding to the next command.


Set a method here, it is not changing 1 to 3. What can we do?

Thank you, I have figured out, it just require to move the line cursor down

Steve, I have arrived in reformatting and partition the hard drive, I am not getting the file copied completed 100%



It looks like you are connected to the device fine, but the file is not found. Please make sure the file was downloaded from earlier in the procedure. Also, make sure you are in the directory which the file is located?

Please send me a screen shot after typing these two commands (select [enter] after each command).

ls -ltr


Hi Jseni,

Based on your screen shots, this doesn’t make sense. If you ‘cd G:\utils’, then ‘ls -ltr RPPF.sh’ and see the file, then execute ‘scp RPPF.sh root@’ you shouldn’t get the file not found message.

I am working to replicate the issue. I don’t see why the file copy fails. Have you connected to the Rachel Plus device as the wireless access point before initiating the command? I wouldn’t expect this to be the issue, generally you would get a connection failure message. But perhaps there is an environmental issue. I would not expect there is a file permissions issue either, given the failure message. But will check.

Hi Steve,

Steve, I know you’re very Linux competent, but might I suggest that many are more comfortable with Windows. Instead of using nano or vi, Notepad could be used as an editor. Also Putty & WinSCP could be used for ssh & file transfers. The GUI is certainly simpler than using the cli for most people. Having taught technology for years I can assure you that most people resort to cli only as a last resort.
Perhaps if the instructions were more Windows oriented instead of Linux oriented they may be more easily digested?
Just a thought. Thanks for all your great work.

Hi Larry,

Thank you for the feedback. Always appreciated. I also appreciate and am aware of the associated comfort levels of users in general. I am continuing to provide stop-gap measures which are efficient to make such fixes and updates available, while working in the back ground to develop more integrated solutions. I.E., GUI file uploads for updates, loading custom modules, as a few examples. As for the editors, while less convenient than, say notepad, related procedural steps safeguard against a few things that are less obvious. Net, while recent updates and alike are a bit more advanced that I would like, they are continuing to move users forward and affording better options in the near future. Once there are integrated solutions, we will all add modules, updates… much more easily.