I want to purchase Rachel-Plus 3.0 device

I want to purchase Rachel Plus 3.0 device. I this device advertised on the online world possible store available for sale now??
I did an order for Rachel pi demo unit but after paying on 16th July 2018, I was was refunded a week later. Are the products advertised on world possible website for sale??
I just need to purchase one of those outdoor devices and might order 3 more for a schoo project. Can somebody help!! Many thanks


hello @kikman – please check your spam filters for order updates from store@worldpossible.org. We aren’t shipping RACHEL-Pi until we can filter down the amount of technical support requests we get for the device. Part of this requires specialized, high-endurance microSD cards, which we are out of stock on. If you received a refund e-mail, you should have received a note to this effect.


Hi Jeremy
Thankyou very much for replying to my query. At least now I’m aware the the Pi is undergoing some upgrades.
I did order the Rachel Plus 3.0 from WorldPossible website. Just got an email notification that my device will be shipped at the end of the week.
I am looking forward to receiving my device. I will update this forum as the device will be installed in one of the remote schools here in Papua New Guinea, Pacific Region.

Best Regards
Andrew Kikman

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You can still buy the Pi model 3 B (Not the model 3B+) and that works well.

Hi @giakonda – we’ve actually stopped shipping the Pi internationally.

Despite our warnings about durability, about 1 in 4 fail within the first year, we kept selling them and getting tons of support issues. We think we were doing a disservive shipping it internationally, as its slow speeds, sensitive power, and lack of reliability on the SD card made it difficult to maintain. Coupled with the inability to create a web interface for content updates and the growing size of key content packages like Wikipedia, we decided to make this decision.


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I got my Rachel Plus device. Works fine so I a settling with it.

Thanks all for the help.


I have been using various Pi with rachel since 2014 and the only issue we have had is the SD cards being stolen. We have stopped this by locking down the SD slot.
The nicest thing about the Pi is it’s cost and very low power consumption.