I want to take RACHEL-Pi to Nigeria!

I would like to know if the following qualifies us to become a WorldPossible Social Entrepreneur? I think we can “build sustainable, community-based chapters, to promote local ownership and improve educational outcomes for youth.”

When Ken Wyrick showed his RACHEL Pi to me, last week, I immediately thought of a friend/colleague who has an NGO in Nigeria. The NGO is 10 years old. It is an existing program. It is in Enugu, Nigeria. Their challenges were electricity and consistent Internet access to relevant content.

Most of the electricity challenge has been solved. Some of her former students, whom have graduated college, returned to lead a solar project on the facility. I used “most” because they still need more panels to accomodate the entire facility.

I believe RACHEL-Pi is the answer to her organization’s content challenge. I sent her some of your videos and the case studies. She immediately responded/suggested “we can teach everyone…”

She is a professor in Montgomery County Maryland. Each year she goes to Enugu in July and in December. I told her I am ready to go to Enugu in July (for an extended period), to get RACHEL-Pi setup at her facility and create a plan to get it to others.

I have more to share with you about the program, but will await your feedback on the question of becoming a WorldPossible Social Entrepreneur.

Your attention to this is appreciated in advance. Thank you for the time AND RACHEL-Pi!
Ed Garrett


Hi Ed!

Our social entrepreneur program is actually for local individuals in a country, folks who were born and raised in their communities and have little to no outside contact with potential funds and such here in the U.S.

We don’t accept applications be a social entrepreneuer. We identify them based on their independent work deploying RACHEL in their own communities and sharing feedback with us. Most individuals we support deploy RACHEL as part of their other job responsibilities with another organization, but find themselves passionate about RACHEL and doing more volunteer work on their own with the technology.

As we at World Possible get to know those people, we begin to support them with things like hardware.

Much more is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=699D3bN2yEc#t=31m32s

That doesn’t mean we aren’t happy to support people like the professor you mention, we just wouldn’t do it with free hardware or financial support. We’ll mostly be providing them technical support through the forums, guidance through the forums, and the ability to purchase hardware through our store (http://racheloffline.org)


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hello i am from Nigeria, and i run an NGO that hopes to deploy ICT Enhanced learning, RACHEL Pi happens to be the core software and hardware for my success.
please sir i would love us to work together.

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@Fidelis_Onotu – it would be good to know more about your organization. Where are you in Nigeria? Who do you work with?

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Thanks for the feedback Jeremy. As I mentioned in my response, we would continue to use RACHEL and your expertise.

I purchased a RACHEL-Plus this week. I’m looking forward to getting it ready for my trip to Enugu, in July.

Thanks for the great resources! Thorough. I’ll be in touch; questions, updates, etc. Talk soon.

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we are an NGO dedicated to Job creation, located in lagos Nigeria and we hope to deploy RACHEL for our ICT Enhance Learning Scheme. more information about us can be found in Pageinitiative.com
so far we have not installed any RACHEL Device yet, but we intend to do so on a Linux platform like SuSe or Ubuntu.
the reason is that we are generating local contents from research institutions, all our content would be translated into local dialects for grassroot penetration.

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hello Ed
I hope to network with the NGO in Enugu, i am located in in lagos. my email is info@pageinitiative.com. better still reach me on my whatsapp +234 802 3436 486

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