I would like some information on how Datapost is being used in Ghana or African regions

I want more information on how this is being used and how we could use it in another African country for a large-scale project.

What is the best way to get some more information on this?


Hi @johncantlin - you’re in the right spot! You can view usage data on the website here: https://datapost.site/

You can also see in Ghana they use datapost both to deliver usage data and also to deliver new content or emails to the users on the RACHEL devices.

Is there anything more specific you want to know about?

@johncantlin - I am working with a project for Ethiopia, and would be happy to share what we are doing. We are piloting a small project at two high schools and one university. After a pilot semester, we will be looking at how to roll out/expand very widely. Email me if you want to chat more! pamelaLBlizzard at gmail dot com

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Hi @Pamela_Blizzard, i would love to chat with you and learn about your experience.

Currently, a small group of us are in the early stages of planning the introduction of RACHEL to a school in Ethiopia. We believe that your insights and experiences would be incredibly valuable to us.


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