I would like to bring Rachel to Indonesia. Is anyone already using it here?


Is anyone already using Rachel in Indonesia?
If so, please let us know about your experiences.

I would like to create a non-profit in Indonesia to:

  1. Ensure that every teacher in Indonesia has access to quality free educational resources via:
  • Educational portal linking all freely available Indonesian language content and lesson plans to the National Curriculum.

  • Offline WiFi servers that bring this same content to areas without internet.

  1. Give all children the opportunity to create via blogging, website creation and coding by:
  • Making tech courses available on our portal & offline.

  • Facilitating the creation of coding & tech clubs throughout Indonesia.

  • A travelling school that brings these experiences to children & educates teachers.

We are currently at the idea stage and evaluating if this is feasible & worthwhile. Our website explains our ideas, but it’s my first site & only a week old, so it’s not polished yet.



Would it be useful to include Wikipedia in Indonesian in our module respository?

I notice Khan Academy has about 200 Indonesian video translations.

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Absolutely! I planned on asking you to host whatever Indonesian content that I can find. This is primarily so that people know that it exists because I expect that most content will probably be distributed by me via snail mail / sneakernet because internet will is too slow here.

One of my first tasks is to tabulate what is available in Indonesian & whether there are any translation projects. If memory serves, KA Lite was 95% translated, so I just need to push it over the top, but Hour of Code is only 12% translated. :frowning:

Zims are available for every Wikipedia language but I don’t yet know if there is any questionable material included on the Indonesian site – there are likely to be cultural issues that prevent including any genital anatomy or sexual education topics (even though they are severely needed here). There are some instructions for creating your own zim, but I haven’t dived into the details.

My plan is the opposite of what Jeremy has described. First, in an online portal, I will collate the available Indonesian language content and link it to the national curriculum, then I will try to distribute if offline. Hopefully teachers will find it immediately useful.

Thank you.

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If you put your content into module format, which is very easy, we’re happy to host! Perhaps I need to make that clear on our website :slight_smile: We would love to add more content to our repository - we’d like it to become the central repository for offline educational content!

The issue of questionable materials is tough - it’s a big job to scrub Wikipedia.

I have created a zim file or two, so if you get to that and need pointers, let me know!

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I am Pradipto from Indonesia.

My team and I are creating an online educational platform containing high-quality materials (science-related subjects such as math and physics) from middle school to university level in Indonesian curriculum. The contents themselves are varying from lecture notes, videos, and comprehensive solutions to selected problems. All of them will be written in Bahasa Indonesia.

We have planned to let all those contents accessible for all, for free. And when we found out about this RACHEL ideas, we believe that we could enhance the impacts, to reach the unreachable. To reach students and teachers in remote areas, by letting them access the contents even without the internet connection.

Hence, for everyone that shared a similar vision with us, we would be very glad to collaborate. And for the RACHEL team, we are trying to follow this guideline https://github.com/rachelproject/module-template and hopefully, we could implement or contents in RACHEL devices soon.

Best Regards,



Hi Pradipto,

Glad to hear of your plans. We’ll talk offline.


Pradipto - that is wonderful to hear! Please let us know how you get along working with the modules guideline. @jfield and I are here to help!

@BrianW and @Pradipto
It’s been a while but I wonder how you went with this? I’m looking at beginning a research project similar to this, providing an offline education portal for use in a handful of pilot schools in NTT, Indonesia.
If you did implement this it would be great to hear how you went, both sourcing materials and in the implementation.

hi @elvey – i’ve been trying to reach out to @BrianW and @Pradipto also but haven’t heard from them. We put together a pretty nice package of early Indonesian readers on our own: http://dev.worldpossible.org/cgi/viewmod.pl?module_id=135

Thanks Jeremy. I’ll have a play with the readers. I’ve had no luck getting the indonesian langauge videos onto a ka-lite install, do you know if there is a RACHEL-Pi image around that contains them?


sorry @elvey there isn’t a pi image like that. You could potentially use the admin function of KA-lite to delete out the english videos and download the languages you want. I’m not sure if that works well or not.

Hi Jeremy, the link to the Indonesian readers is now 404. have they been moved elsewhere?

– i’ve been trying to reach out to @BrianW and @Pradipto also but haven’t heard from them. We put together a pretty nice package of early Indonesian readers on our own: http://dev.worldpossible.org/cgi/viewmod.pl?module_id=135

We are in East Malaysia, so Indonesian resources are acceptable (though Malay would be better). Do you know if there are any translations for Khan Academy material available?

Hi @Brian_Stanton, My project ideas didn’t come to fruition, so we haven’t created any Indonesian language materials. (Sorry, I rarely check this email.)