IFixit and Vikipedia links drawing blank


is there an issue with some of these modules in the 6-17 image?
i open up Ifixit, Vikipedia and Englis Children’s Storybooks and all links draw a blank page.

What device are you accessing the modules on? A RACHEL-Plus? Do you have the MAC on the back you can provide?

I’m runnng Rachel in a virtualized mint linux install [oracle virtualbox].
Would that have a mac address? If so can you show me how to retrieve that?

I’ve downloaded/installed both from the live server and checked over their code. They’re both functioning normally and loading in Kiwix without issue.

If you’ve manually copied them over you’ll need to hide a module in the modules tab and hit save to trigger rebuilding the Kiwix library to reflect the changes. The rebuilding also happens when the device is rebooted but since you’re running in a VM it might not really be rebooting and just saving the state.

If that’s not it then you’ll need to check to see if Kiwix is running and check the library XML file at /var/kiwix/ to see if those entries are in it.

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I had no idea about the Ifixit module. That’s pretty cool. I may have to test that one.

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