Important Notice - 2021 Kiwix Modules Update

Hello everyone,

The World Possible team are very happy to be making the latest 2021 content from the Kiwix organization available as RACHEL modules today! This includes Wikipedia, Wikibooks, Wikisource, and much more in many different languages. You may have already seen these new modules both on and your “install” tab on your RACHEL devices with the names _2021. There are some important changes listed below that we’d like to share. If you have any concerns about this please feel free to comment below or email

Important Changes - Please Read

  1. All new _2021 Kiwix Modules will require a software update to Kiwix version 3.1.2+. For RACHEL-Plus devices, this update is included in every new Kiwix module with “_2021” in the name and will install automatically when downloaded.

  2. When you install one new _2021 Kiwix module, you will have to update all of your Kiwix modules to all _2021 modules. All previous Kiwix modules will no longer work properly due to the new software being installed.

  3. If you see two modules with the same name, and you have updated to Kiwix 3.1.2, make sure to download the version with _2021 in the name.


The updated software is included in every _2021 module for your device. Be sure you can download all new content before installing any _2021 modules.


An update package and new RACHEL-Pi image will be available shortly which is compatible with the new _2021 modules

RACHEL Desktop

An update package and new installer will be available shortly.

Other RACHEL Platforms

If you are using another RACHEL platform and would like to update, please reach out to us and we will work with you to get you updated.

Language and other module Support

We will be adding more modules slowly over time, including new languages. If you have any requests to support a language or other Kiwix content, please comment below or email

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