Installing Rachel Content Directly To Laptops

What is the best way to get RACHEL content installed directly to a laptop running windows 7 with 128GB of free space? I was thinking that RACHEL-USB would be perfect and could just copy it over, but I noticed that modules I would like to have like KA Lite require RachelOS and probably aren’t compatible.

The situation is my sister taught at a school in Namibia and has kept in touch with a teacher who asked her to help get some computers to the school as the kids are learning to type on unplugged keyboards. My sister managed to get 50 laptops that they were replacing this summer donated by her school district so we can send them over. The teacher she’s in contact with is willing to take responsibility for the computers and maintaining a computer lab, but she has little experience with things like the raspberry pi so I’m hoping to make this as easy as possible from the start by having the content on each just in case. I will be sending some raspberry pis with instructions and hopefully the kids and the teachers can both learn to set up and use RACHEL.

hi @jamesk - correct, a lot of modules do require software dependencies to run. We recommend using a linux server and don’t go through the work of trying to develop a full Windows package. In many places, computers are reformatted constantly to combat viruses, or at least every six months before exams. Having the independent server has proven key to long-lasting projects. You can run RACHEL in desktop mode from a raspberry pi ( a linux os ).

Thanks Jeremy. I will take the advice and try and get something set up and tested before deployment.

Hi, folks… I read many posts where people have installed RACHEL on a PC using Ubuntu. Has anyone written a procedure for doing this? I am not a Linux wizard and probably cannot figure this one out on my own.