Installing wikipedia ZIM files on RACHEL-Pi

I am assembling an off-line RACHEL-PI installation for a school in Nepal. Since there is no internet, I want to install the Nepalise ZIM file and make it available.

Any advice/how-to would be useful as I don’t want to brick the device before I get to Nepal. Since there is no internet, I won’t have a chance to fix it once I get there.

Thanks in advance,

Hi Bill –

Not a ton of magic to it, just make sure the zim file is in /var/kiwix/xyz.zim and that the library file is updated with the correct name of the new zim /var/kiwix/library.xml

On RACHEL-Plus the library file is automatically built by the files in the zim area, but I’m not sure if that is true yet for the RACHEL-Pi


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Jeremy, you rock! I’m going to try it out tonight. The only challenge left is that I don’t actually speak Nepalese so I’m I’m going to have to take it on faith that it works (or perhaps run a few pages through Google Translate).

Thanks again!


Let us know how it goes!

Hi, We just got back from Nepal (OK - last weekend) and the setup was a success. The kids were reading the wikipedia pages and seemed excited to be able to explore that way.

In retrospect, I probably should have freed up more space to put in the full-image version.