Integrating into the main (user facing) menu

I’ve got the Internet Archive code working ,now want to hook it into Rachel 3’s main menus. Could someone point me at where to do this in the most conformant way (config file, or HTML to edit etc).

I’m only experienced with the pi but are you looking to create a module or hook into another part of the user interface?

If you’re looking to create a module this github page has some info about it and a template. I think the best way to get started out is to look at the source of other modules from

Let me know if you need any help.


@mitra – most of the code is held within content shell. That’s basically this set of files:

So depending on where you want to hook in, you’d have different options. Index.php is the main rachel content shell framework.

No one likes to watch videos, but this ten minute overview would really be helpful

It would essentially be at same level as Wikipedia / Kolibri etc would hook in, I’ll look in those places to figure it out.

i see what you mean, yes there is a startup process for each of those and separately, a module for each of those which contains or prepares content.