Introducing Rachel to Vanuatu provincial schools

Rachel has been introduce in Sanma province way back in 2018 by Kumu Project (
This year 2023, Ituani Vocational Skills Centre ( is extending the promotion to Torba province, Penama province and Malampa province with Rachel PLUS devices. Ituani i looking forward to promote Rachel PLUS to all the schools in Vanuatu in the coming future.


That’s great, thank you for sharing the news! We look forward to seeing on the DataPost map how Vanuatu schools are using RACHEL . Let us know if you need help using this app.

The majority of schools are located in rural and remote communities where Internet become a challenge in terms of network coverage, expensive if they go for vsat, technical support from providers and lack of computer skills.
Our community-based institution which is called Ituani ( as the only of its kind in Vanuatu strives to bring the computer training to people in those area so they can use computer and smartphone. As we believe knowing how to properly use the devices then it will contribute to avoid abuse and misuse of the technology. While some schools have vsat connections that are funded by the Government they were not last due to the challenge of technical support and maintenance. Ituani also did research for offline library and finally Rachel is discovered and since we cannot afford them, we negotiate with a private company called TitanFX to purchase for us so we can introduce and promote in some of the schools.
We don’t have any funding from the Government or elsewhere, we try our best to promote the devices in the scattered islands by any means of our own cost.
The devices are used to allow teachers and students for research and learning purposes.
So far many schools were interested and if we could have sponsors, we can support those schools who are left out on the e-learning programs.