Is Kolibri update possible?

We are planning to order new RACHEL+. The kolibri new version will release soon. Is it easy to update the Kolibri version? (or) should I wait till the Kolibri new version is available in RACHEL+

Hi khinelay,
I’ve been communicating with Steve on Kolibri this week. I’m not sure what you’re referring to as the new version of Kolibri, but I can tell you that if you order a RACHEL Plus with Kolibri today, when you receive it & check for updates, you will find that most of the Kolibri channels have updates available. This is because those channels have yet to be tested by World Possible.
Steve is working on testing those, but there have been other priorities recently in regards to some of the file system corruption issues, etc. As of 12/19/2018 he expects to have testing completed by the end of January, although there appears to be an ubuntu update with one of the Kolibri modules which will require extensive testing, so it’s preliminary at this point.
To the best of my knowledge, you must order the 1 TB upgrade if you want Kolibri added to RACHEL Plus.
I hope this helps.

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Hello LarrY,
Thank you for the reply. We had RACHEL+3.0 with Kolibri. What I want to know is when Kolibri new version 0.12 is released, it is easy for us to update that version. Not just Kolibri channels.

You mentioned the system corruption issues. Does it affect all RACHEL+ modules (or) just Kolibri?

Thank you,

The system corruption issues affected RACHEL Plus v 3.0. it was not module specific, but it has been resolved.

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Thank you so much LarryY. We are planning to use Kolibri in the RACHEL+