Issue with KA lite installation

Hi Rachel community,

First post on this forum!
I am based in Africa where internet is over expensive, and so I am installing Rachel on my Raspberry Pi 3 from scratch (not using the 64Gb image that I can not afford downloading).
Here are the steps that I have been through:

  • download and install “20016-05-27-raspbian-jessie-lite.img” on the raspberry (I read in this forum that there were some compatibility issues with later releases) => OK
  • extend the memory to use all the SD card (64Gb) => OK
  • run the script from RachelPiOs as indicated in the github page of RachelPiOs => there was one issue with the “lightdm” package that I had to install manually because it failed to install with the script (apt-get install), but otherwise OK (I downloaded the for Ka-lite as part of the config script)
  • reboot
  • then Rachel works fine for the Kiwix part. I could download some modules on it and browse them :slight_smile:. I can access as well ka-lite main page, however it misses all the graphic elements (logo, images…), so that I cannot log in as admin neither. I can stop the ka-lite server, but then I cannot start it again as it complains that the port is busy…

Thank you for any tips on that issue and keep on the good work!

Ok. Issue fixed running again the “sudo kalite manage setup” command, passing a predownloaded “” content package.
Something must have gone wrong in the first setup called by the RachelPiOs install script…

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