K A Lite content not opening correctly

When using in the address bar the
Rachel Plus Home page opens normally showing all pre-loaded modules. Clicking on the K A lite module logo opens the K A Lite home page. Then the “Learn” tab and menus appear as normal to select “Math” “Early Math” etc. When I get to the desired video or problem and it is selected the page goes blank with a ribbon on top and the Learn, Login and Signup tabs and a second ribbon with the name of the skill but no video or problems. Have tried 4 different browsers with only Amazon Silk working. Have rebooted many times. What will the "re set " option do? Have noticed when the “Click to Start” pops up, when joining the Rachel Plus network,If it does, if I click that box K A Lite seems to work normal. Other thoughts?

Hi @bsanford121 – just to confirm, everything works OK using Silk, but not other browsers?

If everything works OK with one browser, it is usually a browser issue. KA-Lite has updated recently and may have gone too far with needed browsers. Can you confirm you have the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox and try again?