Kolibri cannot access internet channel


My Rachel Plus device is connected to router with LAN cable and can do content module update. In Kolibri Channel Import, Kolibri Studio (online) is dimmed. How can I solve this problem?

Hello, Kolibri studio is down sporadically for upgrades from Jan 13 - 15. That’s probably the issue. It’s also possible something is blocking your internet connection, such as a firewall or router. Can you access other content through the RACHEL admin dashboard or websites through a device connected to RACHEL sharing RACHELs internet connection?


Dear Jeremy,
Thank for your Kolibri Studio downtime information. I can access Kolibri online now.
Thank you.

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hi all,

I’m having trouble importing channels from the Kolibri Online Studio. I can access the studio and select channels to import. The channels begin import. While that process is underway, the channel appears in our Kolibri channel listing. I can click it and see content from the channel coming in (but I cannot access this content during the import process). After the process completes, however, the channel disappears from our channel dashboard. And it does not appear on our hard drive information with the rest of the Kolibri channels. Please advise on what the issue is/may be. Thank you!

@Jeremy please see above. I may have posted in the wrong place.

Hi @ipeoples

I will see if I can reproduce the issue here and advise you on a solution as soon as possible.

Can you please confirm the version of Kolibri installed on your device? You should see this under the “version” tab in the RACHEL admin user interface.

Is the channel missing from both Kolibri and RACHEL after import or only RACHEL?


Hi @jamesk,

it looks like we have v0.0. That doesn’t seem right to me, but let me know if it is. The channel is not showing in either Kolibri or Rachel.

Furthermore, we tried to update Kolibri and now are getting an error message as well as not being able to access Kolibri on Rachel at all.

Thanks for whatever help you can provide.


hi @ipeoples

Yes that doesn’t seem right for the Kolibri version. I’ll help you fix this, but I will need some more information to see what’s wrong

  • What is the error message you receive when running Kolibri now?

  • Which method did you update Kolibri with that failed?

  • Can you access the system over SSH, and if so, can you please post the results of the commands

    sudo systemctl status kolibri

    sudo kolibri --version


Hi @jamesk,

Correction on the Kolibri version. We are running 0.9.2.

We’re able to access now. So perhaps we can go back to the issue on my first post: we’re unable to import channels from the Kolibri Online Studio. As a reminder, the channel we attempt to import shows up why it is being imported, then once it is complete, it disappears. It’s not on either the Rachel system or inside the Kolibri module.

Thanks for your help.

Hi @ipeoples,

Great to hear it’s back up.

I believe the missing channel import is an issue with older versions Kolibri. It is mentioned on this page and also on this page from the Kolibri developers. These pages may be hard to follow, but it looks like this has been fixed in more recent versions than 0.9.2.

You may need to upgrade Kolibri on your RACHEL-Plus device to a newer version. I \will need to know more about your device to give you the best option for upgrade.

From the version tab in the admin page, what version of RACHEL is installed?

Is this a RACHEL-Plus V3?


hi @jamesk

We do have the RACHEL-Plus V3. I believe we have the 3.0.2 version of RACHEL.

I checked those links you attached and they require more expertise than I’m capable of. Thanks for your help!


Hi @ipeoples,

I’m happy to help. Will you need to maintain all of the data on this device or will you be able to reload the device with RACHEL modules and Kolibri channels if it is fully restored?

There are a few ways to upgrade Kolibri but if you want to maintain the data on your device it has to be done carefully or the database can be corrupted. If you are okay with restoring your device to a fresh install and losing the existing data, then it may be easier.


hi james, it seems i may be having a similar issue as ipeoples and was wondering if you could assist me in the right steps to upgrade kolibri. i wouldn’t mind a fresh install.

Hi @Jim - I’ve just read over your post about the issues you’re having. I want to confirm a few things before doing a fresh install

Have you run zz-kolibri-upgrade?

Do you have SSH access to the device and are you familiar with using SSH? If so, can you please run “sudo kolibri --version” and “sudo systemctl status kolibri” and show me the output.