Kolibri Login issues

I am trying to log into Kolibri as admin to set up teacher accounts.I want a teacher account so we can create user and have the teacher monitor student progress in the course. I have tried to log in with Username:admin Password: Rachel+1 but it is not working. Is there a way I can reset this?


Hi @Ryan_Boldt - Can you please provide the following information to figure out the best steps,

Which RACHEL device are you running Kolibri on?
Which RACHEL OS version is running?
Which Kolibri version is running?
Was the Kolibri facility previously set up by someone?


Hello @jamesk
I have the Rachel plus 3.0
OS Ubuntu 16.04.4 LTS
Kolibri 0.14.6
I have been the only one using this device. I am not sure why I can not access the admin account.

Hi @Ryan_Boldt,

I have few questions to help diagnose this.

Is your RACHEL version 3.1.1, 3.1.2, or 3.2.0?

Was zz-kolibri_upgrade ever run?

Depending on which RACHEL OS version you’re on, the reason it’s failing can change. That should be listed on the version tab and would help greatly.


It looks like Rachel is 3.1.1
Kolibri has never been updated since purchase of the unit


Hi Ryan,

Very strange. This page of the Kolibri documentation mentions that if you’ve lost your username or password, you can log in to the command line and run the command kolibri manage createsuperuser. For linux and on the RACHEL-Plus you would need to do this over SSH.

If you’re familiar with SSH, all you’ll need to do is connect the device either to your home router, or connect a laptop or PC to the right ethernet port of the RACHEL-Plus, For the router you’d connect to the IP it assigned your device, for the right port, you would use the IP address :

These are the steps

  • SSH into the RACHEL-Plus using Putty
  • run the command sudo kolibri manage createsuperuser
  • Follow the steps
  • Reboot and try to log in to Kolibri

If that doesn’t work then there may be something more going on. If you have any questions around using SSH including the login/pass, please let me know.



This worked out great for me. Thank you. Hopefully this post can help others in the future!

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@Ryan_Boldt - That’s great!