Kolibri not in latest version on Rasperry Pi

I installed the very latest RACHEL-PI on a Raspberry Pi 5 Model B Rev. 1.5.

The install date says 2022-09-24 which I think is the most recent Raspberry Pi image.

However Kolibri is in version 0.15.7 and now 0.15.12 is shipping. That might also explain why I am not able to import my exisiting facility from another device. It just keeps spinning saying locally integrating received data.

How can I upgrade Kolibri to the newest version?

2022-09-24 is the latest image but it was still in testing and never moved to a stable release. Around this time there were some issues with the wifi drivers for Raspberry Pis where it limited the number of users. The last 32bit image from 2021 is still consider the stable RACHEL-Pi release.

Kolibri upgrades are done automatically when there is internet access according to Kolibri Docs

You can try running this command on the command line to trigger it manually with ethernet connected

apt-get install --only-upgrade kolibri