Kolibri password and setting change after setting up

I’m using Kolibri in Rachel+ 3. After setting up the Kolibri, my colleague gave the admin password.

  1. Now, he forgot the admin password. This is one issue.
  2. There are 3 types of facilities. facility-setup After setting up, we’d like to change that setting.

Do you have any suggestions for those kinds of issues?
I am thinking of removing the existing Kolibri module from Rachel+, downloading it again and reinstall it? Would it be okay?

Thanks in advance,

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Hello we can’t uninstall and reinstall kolibri on the RACHEL device quite yet. Is this urgent? We are going to have a pathway to upgrade Kolibri soon and I think that will help solve your issues.


Thank you, Jeremy. ႈI’m planning to give the device next month. If I can upgrade to Kolibri latest version which has 100% localisation, it’s better.

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I also had this problem with a CAP from Kenya - admin password was not available - I then removed all Kolibri files in order to re-load them from your repository. However, all files keep stalling when trying to load via RACHEL 3.0 interface.
When do you expect to have a fix for Kolibri to install from your ftp server?

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I would say in the next 2 weeks. There’s just a lot of configuration and testing to do and it takes time when working with such large content sets.

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