Kolibri Server Error (500)

Hi, Kolibri cannot open and returning with Server Error (500). Kindly seek assistance

Can you provide us your order number? @LaurenLE @laura_LE

You will get that error if you are using RACHEL Plus v3 and you’ve mounted a USB hard disk.

hi jerry our invoice number is c7371870011481.1

Hi Larry

Not connected to usb

Hi Larry, my apology our order number was 1859

Hi Jerry

Any advise on my issue with Kolibri

Hello, is Kolibri your only issue? Are other modules and content working OK?

Hi Jeremy, yes only Kolibri that is having that issue (Error 500). All modules in Kolibri.

thanks, did kolibri ever work or did it stop working (either answer is OK and will be supported)?

Do you know what the last action was before it stopped working if it did work?



Kolibri was working fine, this server was installed in one our schools, I do not know what was the last action they were doing.

Thanks, do you know how to use SSH at all? Does the device have anny connectivity to the internet?

Yes I do I use putty. I have also loaded our local content as a module on Rachel Pi

No its not connected to the internet

@LaurenLE @laura_LE - do you guys want to try to troubleshoot this one? It sounds like everything but Kolibri is working. Alternatively, we could mail out a new drive and recovery USB, but that still requires some manual intervention.

Thank you Jeremy will wait for your assistance

Hi Larry

Its not connected to a USB drive

Hi Mataiwq,

Do you think you have a port contention problem? Kolibri runs on port 8080 by default, but here are the directions on how to change the port number. You will probably have to create the options.ini file.

Run Kolibri from a Different Port

If you need Kolibri to start and run from a port different than the default 8080, add the section [Deployment], and the key HTTP_PORT with the value of your desired port, to the options.ini file.

HTTP_PORT = 1234
# Substitute 1234 with your desired port number

My experience with Kolibri is that it’s best to use the command line commands as often as possible. They’re well documented at:

Hi Larry

Kolibri runs on port 9090 in Rachel +

Hi Jeremy

The following is the issue that I found in the Kolibri Server log

django.db.utils.DatabaseError: database disk image is malformed