Loading Rachel Modules onto RPi from PC

Hi, I’m headed to Tanzania tomorrow. I was setting up laptops to bring to a rural school when I found out about RACHEL this week and all the content it could provide. I have a Raspberry Pi 3B+ loaded with RACHEL & Kolibri. I can load modules and channels from the internet and they work great.

I downloaded a bunch of RACHEL modules on my PC and now I’m trying to install some of them on the RPi. I’m in the Admin/Install/Advanced and there is an option to select a file. When I select a zip file of a RACHEL module that resides on my PC, and click install, it tries to load en-kolibri-index & en-file_share. They both fail and neither was the module I selected.

As I’m leaving for Tanzania tomorrow and will have limited internet, I would appreciate any help getting this figured out. Thank you!

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Hi @Jerry_Wenzel. I will take a look at this but in the meantime since you’re leaving tomorrow I would suggest trying the “WinSCP” program. There’s a tutorial included with the RACHEL-Pi image downloads called “Transferring Modules with WinSCP.pdf”. It’s in the Tutorials/Advanced folder included with the latest images found at this post. That should walk you through the process of transferring modules and setting the permissions. If that doesn’t work let me know and I’ll try and find another way for you.


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