Loss of RACHEL SSID after power down power up

I have everything working on the box before sending it off to Africa. All development was done through the LAN connection. One very last test was to power down the RACHEL box, bring it up again, and go through my tests over wifi.

The SSID I’ve given it appears for a few seconds, then disappears, then never reappears again until I’ve gone into Wireless Settings and done a SAVE with the existing parameters. Then the SSID works fine until the next time I power down.

And all the time the Wireless Status always brings me back to the login page, it doesn’t show me any wireless status.

The box leaves for the airport in about 30 minutes, so I cannot make a change before it gets to Tanzania, but once it is there I can connect to it and make any modifications you recommend.

Thanks for any guidance on what might be wrong. This is 2015 hardware with the April 20, 2017 image loaded with Method=3.

Very occasionally, I have see an issue where I click on the “Wireless Settings” tab at and it takes me back to the login page. However, if you just click refresh on your browser, the “Wireless Settings” page should show up. Silly but I believe there is some browser caching issue that I can’t source.

Let us know if you continue to have the wireless “disappearing” issue once your box is operational in Tanzania.

I can report that the box in Tanzania is still experiencing the same problem that I had here. After power up there is zero wireless connectivity (at least no visible SSID) until I log in from Canada through a VPN, go to the administration Wireless Status page and pressed SAVE with the existing parameters, not touching any of them. Then my users see the SSID and everything is copacetic. But only until the power is lost long enough for the battery to run out.

The working replacement box is on its way back to Canada where I will go through the same imaging process as I did on the box that now doesn’t work. When I get that done I will report if the imaging process disables the wireless functionality.