Making Multiple Purchases + Discounts (NFP)

I have been trying to find more up to dat information about making multiple purchases (x8 RACHEL-Pi’s) as a Non Profit and shipping to Kenya. We are wondering what is possible in regards to pricing and shipping for bulk orders. We are eager to get these set up with our partners in Kenya but trying to find the best costing available (especially factoring in import fees of the devices) Any information, details and support would be greatly appreciated!

Many thanks

Hi @Iglynnfi – we currently don’t have any particular NFP discounts because we found nearly all of our partners are NFP so we reduce the administrative burden of checking and continue to offer these devices at our lowest possible cost. There is always the opportunity to produce RACHEL-Pi with locally sourced parts and the free resources available online, which is probably more cost-effective as the big businesses are able to better navigate duties and taxes.

The RACHEL-Plus with the larger storage, battery, and enhanced Wireless is only available through us. With Kenya in particular, we found that shipping via USPS from the states which hands off to Kenya Post gives a better opportunity for in country NFP organizations to negotiate lower tariffs and fees, however this is not a guarantee and would depend on your relationships with local customs officials.

Thank you @jeremy for your quick response and this is really helpful to know!