Math Expressions - Guide to Correcting Bad Links

The rotation-symmetry.html file needs to have the video links corrected for .mp4 files not .flv

  • Change: “L403_1 Rotational-Symmetry-Cube.flv”

  • To: “L403_1 Rotational-Symmetry-Cube.mp4”


  • Change: “L403_2 Rotational-Symmetry-Tetrahedron.flv”

  • To: “L403_2 Rotational-Symmetry-Tetrahedron.mp4”

Also, the slope-of-a-line.html file needs to have similar corrections

  • Change: “104_1-change-in-x-and-y.flv”

  • To: “104_1-change-in-x-and-y.mp4”


  • Change “104_1-change-in-x-and-y.flv” (on line 295)

  • To “104_2-Slope-of-a-line.mp4” (Note the change in file reference)

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