MAY-2018 Release New Features

Noticed there is mention of a MAY-2018 Release.

Is there a New Features List for this MAY-2018 Release

thank you

Hi @fucci

The software or operating system won’t change significantly. The hardware will get upgraded processor, RAM, WiFi, and connectivity ports. We’ll also offer a version with greater storage capactiy (1TB).


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So you have a firm release date for RACHEL in May. Planning on getting a device or two for a mission trip to Mexico. It would be great if we have a date so we can have enough time for configuration and testing before we go down there.

Looks like a great device.

Thanks for all you do.

I wish I had a firm date but we just dont yet. Wer are planning on the end of may and haven’t heard anything otherwise. It depends on the factory and shipping to America.