Microcredentials / microbadging


We are using RACHEL throughout West Africa (Ghana, Benin, Togo, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast, Liberia, etc.). We would like to have users complete courses and gain certificates upon completion. In order to keep the integrity of our courses, is there any robust way of ensuring user integrity as they go through courses and even take exams? Can users even take exams on a RACHEL?

Thanks for the help. We will be trying to post more on here for all to access and learn from as well.

Hi @Drew_Bayles,

RACHEL is a full-stack web server solution. This means it contains the underlying technologies to build a test on it, but you’d need to be or hire a web developer to help you with this.

RACHEL does include Kolibri also, which has a more user-friendly GUI to create exams and quizzes online to later load onto RACHEL in channels. RACHEL also includes Moodle.

Both of these softwares allow you to create student “accounts” and have students login and take exams. You’d have to research those softwares individually to better understand how to administer them.


Hi Drew_Bayles

I don’t know the solution to this but I find the topic interesting, especially if it would allow to assess national curriculum courses.

Being the founder of a bilingual private school (English and French) in Cameroon I’m interested to hear if you have managed to adopt the French content of RACHElL to the level of the English version. I’m new to RACHEL friends. Sorry to hijack this discussion. You can reach me on private mail on peter.pfister@pfisterinternational.school

best regards